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Most of my family photo sessions take place on location. I am lucky to live on Long Island near the most beautiful beaches and nature preserves. Both of these location types create a perfect backdrop for your family photos. However, when winter approaches I see more interest in family photography sessions that take place in the comfort of your own home and I absolutely love it!

I recently did an in home session for a friend and her family. They were moving to a new home. It was bittersweet as they were leaving their very first home together. This home marked the beginning of their family story, the place they brought their babies home to for the first time. My goal was to create a gallery of images that they could look back on for years and remember what it felt like to be in that home.

First, we gathered in the living room and they snuggled on the couch reading a book together. Then, I took the oldest boy into his bedroom to get some images of him in his own environment. We visited the nursery and took some family photos on the bed. I also captured mom and baby in their favorite chair by the window. Next up was a fun family activity that I could document (cooking, a board game, building). They chose lego and we got some great images of them in the kitchen where they spent so much time over the years. Finally, we got some photos outside of the home on the walkway that they walked countless times.

As a housewarming gift I presented the family with an album of their images that I created using Artifact Uprising. They will always be able to look back through that album and remember what it looked and felt like in their first home. 

These types of family photo sessions don’t just have to happen when you are saying goodbye to a home. Why not document what your life is like right now? These photo sessions capture the essence of your family in the comfort of your own home, the backdrop of your life. Photographing life happening within your home is the perfect way to freeze the every day moment. Read more about my In Home Family Photo Session!

lIfestyle family portrait session
mom and child in nursery
brothers playing in bedroom during in home family session
brothers looking out window during in home family session
family reading book on couch during in home family photography session in long island
mom reading book to toddler during in home family session on long island
boys on bed during in home family session
boy reading a book on his bed during family photo session at home on long island
little boy pointing out window during in home family photo session

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