About the photographer

Hi, I'M Megan!

Photography has always been a hobby of mine but, like many, it became more of a passion with birth of my first child. I wanted to capture all the fleeting moments of life- the good and the ugly. I have so many photos of my children's tears and laughter over the years- not just the traditional posed photos.  Those are the photos that I love the most because I can feel those moments. And those are the photos that will become treasures to my children and future generations. 

I want to create the same photographic legacy for your family!

While we may not fully realize the importance of photographs when we are  in the moment, these images become priceless artifacts as the years go by and families evolve. Your children and their children will be so thankful that you took the time to document your family. They will be even more thankful that the images don't only document what they looked like, but also show more of the family personality and spirit.  That is what makes this genre of photography so special! 

Ready to get started?